Fields of Expertise


  • Proactive team members.
  • Sound engineering judgement.
  • Fast response and reliable advice.
  • Conscientious engineering throughout the project.

Civil Engineering:

Nala’s core services in the field of civil engineering focuses on the built environment and involves the planning, design and construction monitoring for the complete civil infrastructure services of major residential townships, precincts, commercial and industrial developments, leisure developments, golf and security estates, health and education facilities, mining and sports facilities.

Our extensive experience in the commercial market enables us to provide innovative and cost-efficient design solutions to our clients. Typical Services include:

  • Master-planning
  • Township Establishment Support Services
  • Existing infrastructure services assessments
  • Infrastructure Condition Assessments
  • Bulk Services Reports
  • Bulk Earthworks Design and Optimization
  • Deep excavations and Lateral Support of Excavations
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Stormwater Drainage Solutions
  • Sewer Drainage Designs
  • Water supply and reticulation
  • Water Storage
  • External Parking and Paved Areas
  • Access Roads
  • Municipal Road Designs
  • Local Authority submissions
  • Wayleave Applications
  • Design Reviews and Verifications
  • Township and Precinct Civil Infrastructure Design, including Commercial and Industrial Parks.

Structural Engineering:

The key to a successful outcome on any project is to understand what project success means to the individual client. Our goal at Nala is to add value to our clients’ businesses through the provision of innovative and cost-effective structural solutions using highly talented structural designers and supporting personnel.

Our expertise in structural engineering spans across multiple sectors and sub-sectors:

  • Commercial Buildings (Offices, Retail, Residential, Hotels and Leisure Resorts, Mixed Use Developments)
  • Industrial Facilities (Manufacturing, Mining, Process Plants)
  • Distribution Facilities (Warehousing and Logistics)
  • Transport (Building Facilities and Terminals at Airports, Ports and Railway Stations, Aircraft Hangars, Control Towers, Parkades)
  • Health and Education (Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Student and Staff Accommodation)
  • Sport and Recreation (Stadiums – Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Automotive (Manufacturing Plants, Factories, Logistics and Distribution Facilities)
  • Civil Infrastructure (Water Reservoirs, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants)
  • Telco (Data Centres and Telco infrastructure)
  • Conference and Exhibition facilities

Nala offers various supplementary and specialist structural services:

  • Composite Structures
  • Floor Systems
  • Deep Excavations and Lateral Support
  • Piling Design
  • Dynamic and Vibration analysis, including human comfort assessment
  • Seismic Design
  • Conveyer support structures (mining)
  • Crane Buildings for overhead travelling cranes
  • Long Span Roofs
  • Heritage Structures
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Structural Audits
  • Protective Structures
  • Specialist Foundation Design (soil-structure interaction)
  • Concrete Repairs/Remediation
  • Condition assessments and investigations
  • Building Rehabilitation/Relifing
  • Construction Monitoring.
  • Design Reviews and Verifications


Being a leading technology driven engineering firm, Nala recognises how BIM (Building Information Modelling) improves the collaboration, coordination and communication process within the construction / building environment. With its proficiencies in leading BIM software, Nala is actively enhancing internal and external BIM processes by deploying the appropriate technology and resources to effectively execute their projects.

Our BIM services are more than just software. For Nala, BIM is a methodology. The process starts with the initial client engagement and evolves to the delivery of the project through its different stages / project life cycle, taking it from design through to construction and finally to the operation stage.

Budget Control:

  • First order budget estimates.
  • Value engineering of all designs.
  • Detailed budgets.
  • Stringent tender processes and controls.
  • Cost management.
  • Procurement management.
  • Finalisation of contract amounts.
  • Designs within budgets.

Electrical Reticulation:

  • High stability electrical reticulation systems designed to minimise voltage disturbances and power outages.
  • The design, planning, construction and maintenance of municipal distribution networks, including medium voltage, low voltage, street lighting and service connection reticulation.
  • Rural electrification and reticulation schemes.
  • Software based reticulation solutions.

Backup Power:

  • UPS and backup diesel generator systems designed to achieve optimum no-break power supplies to computer and communications equipment.
  • Prime gas generation.
  • Rotary UPS solutions.

IT Networks:

  • Design and testing of high speed structured local and wide area networks with intelligent management systems.
  • Formulation of IT strategy plans taking into account flexibility for future growth and business development, anticipated new technologies and cost/performance ratios.
  • Design of convergent IT/Security/BMS systems utilising Gigabit fibre backbones and relevant data networking equipment.
  • Server design and specifications.
  • Personal computer specifications and procurement.
  • POS design and specification.

Voice Networks:

  • Digital PBX and VOIP systems employing unified messaging, front and back office integration and voice logging.
  • Call centres, incorporating computer telephony interface, interactive voice response and universal queuing.
  • DECT wireless handsets.

Management and Security Systems:

  • Building management.
  • Access control including Biometrics.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Fire detection / prevention.
  • Clean agent gas extinguishing systems.
  • Aspirating smoke detection systems.
  • Sound masking.
  • Closed circuit television surveillance.
  • Intruder detection.
  • Digital voice / image capture systems.
  • Parking control and management.
  • Asset tracking.
  • People counting systems.
  • Computer/server/data and control room designs and fitout specification.
  • Intercom systems.

Lightning / Surge Protection:

  • Lightning / surge protection and earthing systems employing solid state technology designed speficially for high speed IT networks and power stability.


  • Optimised lighting solutions using computer models for a wide range of environments.
  • Specific solutions to minimise eye strain and maximise confort levels in office environments.
  • Theatrical effects for recreation and entertainment facilities.
  • Systems for specific applications such as art galleries, museums etc.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Daylight dependant and motion sensor light dimming and switching.

Emergency Lighting:

  • Emergency escape route lighting systems.
  • Central battery emergency lighting systems.

Energy Management:

  • Energy management and environmental impact studies and audits.
  • Ecologically sustained designs.

Field Services:

  • Compliance audits.
  • Quality of power audits.

Audio Visual:

  • Audio visual systems for a wide range of applications such as video conferencing, entertainment, auditoria and presentations.
  • Master antenna TV distribution systems.
  • Integrated entertainment systems for leisure developments.
  • Home automation systems.
  • Hotel guestroom integrated control systems.
  • Background music systems.

HVAC Services:

  • Mechanical infrastructure works.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Energy transfer stations.
  • Ozone and fresh air treatment system.
  • Kitchen fire suppression system.
  • Smoke and kitchen extract systems.
  • Energy recovery schemes.

Wet Services:

  • Soil and waste drainage.
  • Hot and cold water supply.
  • Fire protection and sprinkler systems.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Solar water heating.
  • Building integrated photo-voltaic system.